Why choose these mule shoes?

Style is an expression of who you are as a person and not just about what you wear. If you’ve always craved flat shoes that slip on and off your feet easily, without compromising your elegance as a sophisticated woman, then mule shoes are just right for you. Mule shoes from BIZU are a versatile option for your wardrobe.

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What are mule shoes?

  • Mules are an innovative type of flat shoe with no back or sides. Usually made from a variety of leathers including fur and fabric. Bizu uses a combination of fabric and leather mule shoes.

  • The beauty of mules is that you can style them based on your personal preference. You can quickly go from casual or dressy, to formal. So, if you need something stylish yet comfortable,
    mule shoes can make that happen.

 What makes it high quality?

  • The quality is all in the material. Mule shoes by Bizu are sourced from the land known worldwide for producing the best leather products for shoe brands: Florence, Italy.

  • The Florentine tradition of leather production goes back into antiquity. Florence and some other small towns were really close to the Arno river, and that meant an endless supply of water which was instrumental to the smooth running of the tanning process. Today, these towns, especially Florence, have become the bedrock for high quality leather. This is where Bizu sources its leather products for mule shoes. We continue to uphold the tradition and craftsmanship of Florence that has existed for decades.

Where can I wear mule shoes?

  • The answer is anywhere! Mules are those stylish pair of flat shoes that add more versatility to your wardrobe. They are pretty much slides, except more chic for any occasion. If you have a full day of activity planned, which involves moving from one end of town to the other quickly, the easy slip on and off mule shoes will come in handy.

  • So, put on your mules while strolling in the city, traveling through various cities by air, touring on a cruise ship, having a fun outing in a resort or just on a girls night out. With mules, there are no limits.

How to style your mules?

  • A great way to come up with the perfect style for your mules is to have it tailored to the specific occasion. For a light dinner, you can pair your mules with a little black dress.

  • In warm weather, you can pair your mules with jeans or shorts for an amazing day at the beach or a casual meet-up with friends and family. They work great with skirts, dresses, and even a nice blouse and trousers.

How do I wear mules to be fashionable?

  • The answer is easy. With all! You just need to find the right model for the look you have in mind. Here at Bizu you will surely find the combination that is right for you. Our shoes provide comfort and are ideal for someone on the go.

  • Don't be afraid to go overboard with color for a contrasting effect. A pair of mules under shorts, sarongs, or cover-ups to make you go from the beach to the disco. Just remember to wear some long earrings and jingle bracelets and your good to go.